Top Five Car Insurance Providers

Top Five Car Insurance Providers

Each year, The Insurance Scoop puts together our rankings for the top insurance providers across multiple categories. We just so happened to release our rankings for the Top Five Car Insurance Companies! We rate each insurance provider from a scale of 1 to 10 across a set of categories and provide the rankings directly to you. For the car insurance industry we look at things like how high the average monthly payment is and howmuch tort coverage you get with their minimum coverage program.

Check out the list of our top five car insurance providers below. You’ll notice a few of the top names made the list! Our goal is to make sure you get the most information on each provider so you can make an informed decision.

Geico Auto Insurance1. Geico:
Geico gets our top spot based on the overall experience their customers receive. From the first time you get a quote all the way through managing your policy, their functionality is easy to use and their customer service staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They are known for their great marketing campaigns and their ability to save you money each month but they also need to be applauded for how well they serve their customers. We are proud to let everyone know that Geico is the top auto insurance provider available to you. The only knock we had attributed to Geico was their process of filing a claim which was lengthy. There were a handful of complaints that when claims were filed the process took significantly longer then their competition.


Progressive Car Insurance

2. Progressive: Progressive comes in at number two on our list. Their bundling options were one reason they received a big boost. This enables you to save quite a bit of money across all of your insurance needs. offering multiple insurance products helps you save money and providers Progressive a benefit that many of their competitors do not have. Progressive received high marks across the board for customer service and the ease of the online quoting process. The only area they were really lacking in was their pricing. Average premiums we were able to review were higher than average.

Allstate Auto Insurance3. Allstate: Allstate has clear messaging in their advertising and those values they present translated over to their service. Their agents and customer service are there for their customers through the long haul, not just when they are trying to sell you insurance. The only issues with Allstate was their online quote process took longer to navigate through than their competitors and their higher standard of customer service does come with extra monthly costs.



StateFarm4. Statefarm: Statefarm provides a great online users experience to get a quote and manage your policy but their customer service and claims department is lacking. They save money on paying high salaries to these individuals which is reflected in what you pay each month. But the drop off in customer service placed them near the bottom of our list. They also were extremely aggressive with online advertising and utilized retargeting ads that stalked many of our analysts for over 30 days.

21st Century Insurance5. 21st Century: One of the lesser known auto insurance providers, 21st Century is best known for having the very creepy advertising commercials. Their site user experience was somewhat confusing and did not stack up to their competitors. Pricing was somewhat fair compared to competitors and their customer service received high marks across the board.


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