Top Five Home Owners Insurance Providers

Home owners insurance is a necessity, as we have detailed out on our site before if you plan to buy a home and need a mortgage, a bank requires you to have home owners insurance. Buying a home is an extremely large investment and you need to make sure you are covered. And why not cover yourself with one of the top home owners insurance providers available?

The following companies have been selected by The Insurance Scoop as the top providers of insurance for homeowners. We check out everything from customer service and the sales process to average monthly costs and premiums. Check out who came in on our top five home owners insurance rankings!


Liberty Mutual Home Owners InsuranceLiberty Mutual – Liberty Mutual tops off our list and this is due to great customer service. They are their few you not only when you are going through the purchase process but also when you filing a claim. What you will often see with insurance companies is they often have friendly sales reps and than the service level drops off when you are filing a claim. Or even worse, their claims department is outsourced! Well that is not true with Liberty Mutual – they offer great rates and have a super friendly staff. They placed #1 in our insurance provider rankings for home owners insurance.

The coverage you receive from Liberty Mutual was also a large plus, those they are not the cheapest out there, the coverage they offered was above and beyond the standards of the home insurance industry.


Travelers InsuranceTravelers – Travelers Insurance also received high marks throughout our entire process. They have some of the best coverage options available to new and existing home buyers. Their rates may be a little bit higher than some of their competitors but their coverage makes up for it. They have a seamless claim process that anyone could get through in a short period of time and were extremely helpful to al of our analysts. Though their brand name may not be as big as Geico or Progressive, they definitely have a service offering that stacks up.


Progressive Home InsuranceProgressive – Progressive recently got into the home insurance game and has done very well. Building of their brand name in the car insurance market, Progressive has done a great job taking a large chunk of the home insurance market. As mentioned in our car insurance rankings, bundling was a huge factor in cost savings for Progressive. They have been a consistent players in almost all of our provider rankings.


StateFarm Home Owners InsuranceStateFarm – State farm has some of the most affordable options out there when it comes to insurance. You can quote and buy a policy online in just a few minutes. Their quoting process online is quick and seamless. You also have the ability to manage everything online. The issue Statefarm is not higher up in our rankings again comes down to customer service. They are extremely friendly getting you through the process but do not follow up regularly or provide enough information to you during the claims process. Overall we have found Statefarm’s customer service to be lacking.

GeicoGeico – Geico, a newbie to the home insurance market, was our fastest climber this year. Last year not even ranked in our top 10, they rose and cracked the top five. Geico comes to the plate with great rates and pretty solid customer service. They look to continue climbing next year as they offer more and more bundling options.

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