Top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws

All over the United State there are some extremely weird laws. Many were written in the mid 1900’s and have to this day not been ratified. While many are not enforced, they are still technically traffic laws we all should be abiding by.


Here are the Top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws:

1.  In the state of Arkansas, you are not allowed to honk your horn if you are in the parking lot of a business that sells cold beverages or sandwiches after 9 PM. Must have been a bunch of teenagers

2. In Illinois, you are required to drive you car with a steering wheel. The team here at The Insurance Scoop did not realize that we had many other options.

3. In the lovely city of San Francisco, you cannot wash your car with soiled underwear. This laws seems to make sense as if you are washing your car, using dirty underwear would be quite contradictory.

4. Next time you tie your elephant to a parking meter, make sure to put a few quarters in. In the case of large animals like elephants, you must pay the parking meter fee for them.

5. In the great state of Tennessee, you must stay awake while driving. As it is illegal to drive while sleeping. We really hope this one is just common sense.

6. If you are traveling to Washington with plans to commit a crime, you are legally obligated to call the police and let them know you are coming into town to commit a crime.

7. In California, it is illegal to jump out of a car going over 65 MPH. We hope it would be illegal for anything over 10 MPH.

8. If you happen to be in Missouri, make sure to cage up your bear. It is illegal for you to drive around with an uncaged bear in your car.

9. In Long Beach California, the only thing you can keep in your garage is your car.

10. In California, you are not allowed to shoot and hunt from your car. That is unless you are hunting whales. Which is perfectly fine….

Those are some very odd traffic laws. Many of them we hope people who not do even if they were legal!

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Athletes Covering Themselves With Insurance

More and more, college athletes and pros are insuring themselves from injury. With a professional athletes career only lasting a few years on average, their opportunity to generate income is significantly shorter than the average american. While this has been a common practice for many pro athletes, college athletes are starting to take on this practice.

Here are a few athletes and the insurance premiums they have taken out recently:

Jadeveon Clowney recently took our a $5 million dollar insurance policy to protect himself from injury while he plays out the 2013 college football season. For those of you not familiar with Jadeveon, I suggest you watch this video clip: Top Clowney Highlight. For a player of this caliber, it makes sense to bet on himself. Chances are he will be a top 3 pick in next years draft, guarantee him much more than the $5 million dollar policy he took out.

Johnny Manziel, the quarterback who burst onto the scene last season for Texas A&M, took out an insurance policy worth millions of dollars. Having only played one year of college football plus a red shirt year, Johnny Football has to complete another year before he is eligible for the NFL draft.

Back in 2009, college athletes such as Tim Tebow, Even Turner and Tyler Hansborough all took out insurance against injury. This theme has spread across division one programs and is now common for athletes who are perspective first round picks.

Pro athletes also use insurance for protection from injury. With their livelihood tied to their physical abilities, a devastating injury could ruin their career and income earning potential. When the lockout occurred last year many players headed oversees to play. The NBAPA actually helped players acquire insurance should they get hurt while playing oversees. As you can imagine, with the US market being significantly larger than the European and Asian markets, there is not as much money to be made oversees.

Other athletes such as Kobe Bryant, David Beckham and even Greg Oden, all took out insurance policies over the past few years to protect themselves from injury. As we see more and more earning potential from professional athletes, expect more insurance options for them.

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The Top Five Insurance Blogs

As you know, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when you look to buy insurance. We thought it would be interesting to share you with you some of our favorite blog that focus on insurance. You can check them out and see what we are talking about…

The Top Five  Insurance Blogs:

The Insurance Blogger:  A great resource that frequently updates their blog. You can find a ton of information here related to insurance. They provide some great info on the insurance market and even have tips and ideas for insurance agents!

Consumer Insurance Blog: This blog is focused solely on the consumer, that’s you, and they share everything updates on the market, videos and one of their recent articles was even updating their readers on potential phishing scams.

Insweb – Many of you probably know InsWeb, and their reputation is correct. They have one of the more frequently updated blogs on insurance. Definitely worth checking them out.

Bankrate – These guys are on the same level as Insweb. They keep the fresh content coming and even have a ton of tools you can use to figure out how much you should be paying for insurance.

Coverhound – Need info on insurance rates? These guys have you covered. Check out Coverhound for up to date info on many of the top insurance companies.

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Our Top Five Car Insurance Company Rankings Are Live!

The Insurance Scoop is proud to announce our Top Five Car Insurance Company Rankings are now live on our website. As you know, each year we rank the top five insurance companies across all industries. We looks at many factors such as their customer service and claims process as well as their rates and the coverage they offer.

To check out the latest rankings, check out the this page.

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Do You Have Enough Life Insurance?

Another great post from Check out the below infographic and leave us a comment if you have enough!


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8 Things That Affect Your Life Insurance Rate

The below infographic outlines the different factors in determining what you pay for life insurance. Check it out.

Credit to the infographic goes to 

Life Insurance Cost

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