Top Life Insurance Companies

At some point in ones life, you need to think about getting life insurance. So we are here to help you review the top life insurance companies out there. We interviewed over 1,000 life insurance customers and worked with the top 25 life insurance companies to rate and provide you with our rankings! As you know, we do this across all insurance industries and are proud to be your resource for insurance information.

Metlife – These guys take the crown as the number one life insurance provider again in our rankings. Their expertise in finding a life insurance program that fits your needs is unparallelled. After interviewing their customers we were told of superior customers service, great flexible plan options and an easy buying process. Metlife should definitely be at the top of your list when looking for life insurance.


NY LifeNYLife – Another brand who consistently get a top 3 spot on our list, customers of NYLife has nothing negative to say about their experience. We found their call center to be quite friendly and efficient but did experience some longer than normal waiting times. With decent pricing and an decent online purchasing experience, NYLife is a great option.


AAAAAA Life Insurance – Triple A pimps its brand name out to many different insurance products but Life Insurance is one they got right. Their pricing starts as low at $9 a month and you can easily get a quote and buy insurance online. They ended up further down the list due to less than stellar customer service.


PrudentialPrudential – This company did not make our Top Five last year but was able to improve their ranking through excellent customer service and plan flexibility. Prudential truly does have a set of plans that can be a perfect fit for almost any individual. These flexible life insurance plans allow you to find a program that fits you at a price you can afford. If you are searching for a bargain, definitely check out Prudential.

AIG DirectAIG Direct – After plummeting off of our list over the past few years, AIG Direct has been able to re-brand itself and once again become a reputable company and option for those looking for insurance. AIG Direct has also improve their pricing options and will be rolling out new plans over the next two years to cater better to the senior citizen market.

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