Motorcyle Insurance Coverage

As we touched on in a previous article, motorcyles are no joke! They come with speed and an open road but they also come with danger.

Many of the top auto insurance companies also offer motorcycle insurance coverage. You’ll see top companies such as Geico, Progressive and Statefarm offering motorcycle insurance. But are they the best company to get your insurance from?

One of the ways you can save money when buying insurance for your motorcycle is to bundle it with other insurance products. Let’s say you have your home insurance with Statefarm, your car insurance Geico and you are in the market for motorcycle insurance. You could actually save hundreds of dollars each year by consolidating all of your insurance policies on to one insurance provider. One of the reasons Statefarm has been so successful is they offer many types of insurance which leads to saving options for those who bundle.

How Much Coverage Is Needed For Motorcycle Insurance?

Since motorcycles are quite dangerous,  motorcycle insurance coverage is not cheap. When people get in accidents on their motorcycle they usually come with bodily injuries. There is a good chance that you could end up in the hospital with broken bones and may even have to miss work! Now if that does not sound like a red flag for insurance companies I don’t know what is.

When buying coverage you need to only buy the coverage you need. But you should make sure that you don’t skimp and get yourself enough to cover any injuries you could possibly have. If you happen to have multiple bikes, it would make sense to put all the bikes on one policy, similar to how you would buy car insurance. Insurance providers give discounts if you have multiple vehicles on one policy.

As you most likely assumed, just as with driving your car, it is illegal for you to drive a motorcycle without insurance. Each state has coverage laws you must abide by but each states within the United States requires your purchase motorcycle insurance coverage before you get out on the road.

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