Top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws

All over the United State there are some extremely weird laws. Many were written in the mid 1900’s and have to this day not been ratified. While many are not enforced, they are still technically traffic laws we all should be abiding by.


Here are the Top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws:

1.  In the state of Arkansas, you are not allowed to honk your horn if you are in the parking lot of a business that sells cold beverages or sandwiches after 9 PM. Must have been a bunch of teenagers

2. In Illinois, you are required to drive you car with a steering wheel. The team here at The Insurance Scoop did not realize that we had many other options.

3. In the lovely city of San Francisco, you cannot wash your car with soiled underwear. This laws seems to make sense as if you are washing your car, using dirty underwear would be quite contradictory.

4. Next time you tie your elephant to a parking meter, make sure to put a few quarters in. In the case of large animals like elephants, you must pay the parking meter fee for them.

5. In the great state of Tennessee, you must stay awake while driving. As it is illegal to drive while sleeping. We really hope this one is just common sense.

6. If you are traveling to Washington with plans to commit a crime, you are legally obligated to call the police and let them know you are coming into town to commit a crime.

7. In California, it is illegal to jump out of a car going over 65 MPH. We hope it would be illegal for anything over 10 MPH.

8. If you happen to be in Missouri, make sure to cage up your bear. It is illegal for you to drive around with an uncaged bear in your car.

9. In Long Beach California, the only thing you can keep in your garage is your car.

10. In California, you are not allowed to shoot and hunt from your car. That is unless you are hunting whales. Which is perfectly fine….

Those are some very odd traffic laws. Many of them we hope people who not do even if they were legal!

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